Shannon Airport

The pinnacle of our Shannon Group


Shannon Airport began in the 1930’s as a seaplane base for transatlantic flights. In 1947 the world’s first duty-free was opened here as Shannon became an important technical transit stop for all transatlantic air traffic.

In 1988, A United States pre-inspection facility opened and in 2009 it became the first airport in the world outside of the Americas to provide full preclearance facilities to the USA, including immigration, customs and agriculture. In 2010, it became the first airport to introduce US customs pre-clearance for business aviation.

Shannon Airport is open all day every day and is capable of handling over 4 million passengers each year. The longest runway in Ireland can handle all commercial aircraft types including the Airbus A380 with no curfews, slot restrictions or noise restrictions. It has its own deep-water port and fuel farm and over 850 hectares of land designated as a cargo development. In the adjacent, the 100 firms in the Shannon Free Zone employ over 7,500 people.   Airport Routes